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Compassionate Capitalism Investment Points

Investment Points (IPs) which are discounts issued for regular consumer product purchases in goods or services through the Global Compassionate Capitalism Shopping Platform and accepted by the Global Compassionate Capitalism Investments Platform is one of the 7 key aspects of the Compassionate Capitalism Economic System and brings the following 7 benefits to the world which is why IPs are known as the world’s most important currency:

  1. Personal Investments Portfolio.

    The fear of loss of capital is the primary reason people do not make investments or have investment portfolio that represents interest in various commercial undertakings. This lack of investments portfolio then leads to total dependence on labour as the only factor of production causing both extreme and professional poverty. Investment Points (IPs) are gained through regular consumer product purchases hence do not carry the same level of risks for investments thereby encouraging investments and the creation of investment portfolios for practically every single person in the world.

  2. Access to Business Capital.

    Businesses are the crux of society’s sustenance and advancement hence they need the important blood of capital for starting and growth. Capital is however very difficult to get for majority of businesses especially in less developed economies. IPs helps businesses get capital because the public has very little inhibitions to make investments into their undertakings.

  3. Community Development.

    The world is littered with slums, ghettos and rural communities without any sign of progress in development. These communities which are seen as not viable economically do not ever attract any real investments but only photo ops for charities and politicians. IPs provides unprecedented opportunities for community development with campaigns/projects initiated for each community by anyone galvanizing the public through the platform to support transformative community development initiatives with their Investment Points.

  4. Increase in access to Basic Human Needs.

    The world’s richest has more than multiplied in the past few decades with countless individuals now worth billions of dollars and ownership of the most expensive luxury items such as private jets more common than ever before. Despite this development, bulk of the world still suffer from lack of access to basic human needs in water, electricity, shelter, food, healthcare and the likes. Through informed guide by the global development rankings of the Compassionate Capitalism platforms, IPs empower the public to invest in basic human need enhancing projects listed on the Compassionate Capitalism investments platform helping to bridge the development disparity and increase economic harmony which is the only true security for the rich.

  5. Global rally for foreign direct investments.

    In the growing quest for nationalism all over the world, foreign direct investments become much more difficult and unpopular leaving developing countries in utter neglect. IPs are the most perfect catalysts for foreign direct investments in the world providing the opportunity for people anywhere to invest in nations far off from their shores without the risks of catastrophic losses.

  6. Unending economic stimulus.

    Governments all over the world watch as free market capitalism provides “wolves” the opportunity to destroy the economic well-being of the people and then seek to bring economic stimulus to alleviate the pain and sufferings. This is a highly reactionary approach which only leads to repeat. IPs helps to ensure a more proactive economic stimulus because as long as people are making purchases, investments in countless projects are being made and the economy is constantly stimulated.

  7. Limitless Job Creation.

    Jobs are the direct product of economic activities which are invariably created by investments. The high levels of global unemployment, absence of career mobility and poor employment opportunities can all be addressed by Investment Points. IPs are there to be used for investment purposes unlike cash which are mostly used for shopping and this makes IPs the driver of limitless job creation and the primary tool for the elimination of unemployment in the world.

Created and Articulated by King Charles N. Lambert under inspiration by the God of Abraham.